What Is and Who Is?

The Granddaddy of OnLine Radio for Unsigned and Indie Music
Established 8/98
Registered March 6, 1999
Live Broadcasting since May 5, 1999

440MUSIC Entertainment Co

If you look up 440music.com at whois.com you'll find that we were first registered on March 6, 1999 although the day that 440Music was first conceived is only an estimate which is some day in August 1998. 440Music's goal at the times was to broadcast Unsigned and Indie Music using Internet Radio programming. On Monday May 5, 1999 the first live broadcast test happened and that test developed in to a radio show "The No Non-Smoking Zone" which was broadcast live 3 nights a week from a studio owned by Dave Christoffersen. Dave who was also the co-hosted and engineered for the live radio show until the conclusion November 2006.

440Music Entertainment Co is dedicated to helping Unsigned and Indie Musicians with radio stations for their music exclusively. 440Music also provides the music industry with multiple services beyond radio broadcasting and advertising, we provide the music industry web hosting, shopping cart, job board and yellow page services. Membership is required to participate in our many music industry only services.

How am I, Tommy TBones Cramer?
I am first I'm a music lover if it makes me feel good I generally like it. I like upbeat music, music touches your emotions. My Mother and Father grew up in the Rag Time, Big Band and Torch Song era and both loved to sing so naturally they wanted to pass that on to me and my siblings. Mom was also an educator who knew that the Arts needed to be part of our education. Summers were filled with out door shows, open air theater  performances of opera, musical or classic traveling Broadway shows. Growing up in Mequon, WI just north of Milwaukee I had Summerfest Music Festival which featured world touring bands you can sing a long with to the local band playing Milwaukee Clubs. I saw bands I'd have never thought about seeing because of Summerfest.  I saw Doc Wattson, Doctor John, Creeping Charlie, Joe d'Urso and Stone Caravan, Ringo Star, Dave Mason, Clapton, Blood Sweat & Tears, Chicago although at the time the were Chicago Transit Authority, The Shufflairs, Cast In Action, Mad J, Paul Simon, George Carlin, Tom Petty, Grateful Dead,  Buddy Miles, John Mayall, Foreigner, Journey, Robin Trower, John Perry, John Entwistle and a few years ago finally saw Nitty Gritty Dirt Band who were the last band on my "Band Bucket List". I stood in line for 12 hours to buy Led Zeppelin tickets and saw the Houses of the Holy tour.

May 5 1999 my dream of hosting a radio show was finally realized when Dave Christoffersen and I tested the broadcasting server I had just completed the built. That test later became "The No Non-Smoking Zone" that was broadcast live 3 nights a week until November 4, 2006 which also coincided with the closing of my webmaster service. January 2007 I moved 440Music to a shared hosting service for the first time since it's launch and added 4 new radio stations. From May 2007 to March 2016 I managed 440Music from the seat of a big rig driving across the country and that was a real challenge with WIFI averaging between 48k to 64k. March 2016 I was diagnosed with anal cancer and for the next 2 1/2 years I was flat on my belly recovering, The cancer has made it almost impossible sit for more than a few hours at a time so driving a big rig again is no longer an available career choice and the medication that's prescribed disqualifies me by FMCSA (Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration) my doctor has prescribed Cannabis. The pandemic is also a challenge for me since I'm in the very high risk group. I'm 65, low white blood cell count and 1 of the drugs the doctor has prescribed weakens my immune system so I'm making lemonade, 440Music Entertainment Co.